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With academic ties to both King's College London and City University London in the UK, Tigerlily Digital offers professional IT training services, both with arranged scheduled classes and with on-site consulting available.

We have training courses and seminar sessions available in

  • General applications programming, from basic to industry release quality assurance standards; Dot Net, C++, Java, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX, ObjectiveC. We have several iPhone (iOS) and Android courses upcoming!
  • Web and database integration technologies; PHP, ASP.Net, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, AJAX with JSON, MySQL, SQLite and others.
  • User Experience (UX), Usability Design and Quantitative Analysis for HCI
  • Project Management in MS Project, Advanced Outlook and Excel automation for improving in-house customer orientated practices, and Advanced UML/Visual development for refactoring and improving design practices
  • Hardware maintenance, server configuration and software installation process guidance for new companies
  • E-Commerce frameworks, Analytics, SEO and commercial payment gateway connectivity for companies looking to transition to the web.
Contact us at Tigerlily Digital for more details and upcoming schedules for our IT education training.


We design, develop, and deploy software for research, consumers, advertisers and businesses.

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